Useful Map Commands in Civil 3D. No, Really!

Civil 3D is obviously built on AutoCAD and has Map 3D in it as well. It appears that the Map 3D side gets ignored as most users figure that if they are not doing anything with GIS, they can’t use any of these commands. Honestly, this is not true. Civil 3D has some Map commands in it that are useful to civil users. There is also at least one command that I will discuss that users of ANY discipline can take advantage of! In this post, I will discuss three of what I consider to be the most useful Map Commands in Civil 3D.

#1: Drawing Cleanup

The first Map command in Civil 3D that I will discuss is called the Drawing Cleanup Command. This command is great for automating the cleanup process in your drawing files. You can build a list of cleanup actions, then save that list out to a file so that it can be used over and over again. This can be handy if you receive files from an outside source and you typically have to go through the same things to get those files ready for your own use. Check out the video below on how to use this functionality.

#2: Map Import

The next thing I am going to discuss is the Map Import command. There are several file formats that can be imported using this command. From ASCII point files to SHP files, this command gives you more options than just the regular import command. Check out the video below as I will cover a couple of examples for using this command.

#3: Feature Data Objects (FDO)

The last thing that I will discuss is called FDO, which stands for Feature Data Objects. This gives us the ability to connect to various data source types instead of importing the objects. In the video below, I will show you a couple of examples of connecting to images and SHP files.

So that’s it for this post on Useful Map Commands in Civil 3D. There are more commands to check out, but these were some that I really wanted to get out there for you. If you have any questions regarding these or other Civil 3D commands, leave them in the comments below!

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