Technology Consulting

Stay one step ahead of the competition. Our wide range of technology consulting services are designed to help you gain a top position in the markets you serve to drive better business and project outcomes for you and your clients.

Workflow Optimization

Worflow Optimization

Project Workflow

Examine each phase of your project delivery process from bidding to closeout

Product Workflow

Improve how your project delivery workflow maps to specific products throughout a project

Collaboration Workflow

Improve how your project delivery workflow maps to specific products throughout a project


Opportunity assessment for greater efficiencies in all digital data and information received, generated, and delivered at each stage of your project lifecycle.

Establish Replicable Workflows

Strategically develop standards and best practices to efficiently move the digital data you receive and create between the various solutions your firm uses and establish replicable workflows and processes across projects and your entire firm.


How your firm shares and collaborates on project information internally among the various departments and offices, as well as with outside consultants and other project stakeholders.

Reduce Cost

Leverage existing – or recommended - technical tools to the fullest. We will also review client projects, and your firm’s business goals and objectives, to create a roadmap moving forward for product implementation and adoption for your organization’s project delivery approach.

Streamline Your Collaboration

Helping you and your team members share and access information more efficiently internally, in the field, and across all collaborators.

BIM Implementation

BIM Implementation


Future Proof Your Business

The future is BIM. We're here to help lead you to the right Autodesk® BIM technology solutions, conduct a well-managed implementation, and provide in-depth training in a variety of learner formats to get your organization up and running quickly and efficiently – on time and budget - to accelerate value on your technology solutions.

Our Approach


A discovery meeting to get to know your business, goals and objectives, and current technology and workflows

Plan of Action

A plan of action and recommendations on technology, workflows, content, and standards


Implementation of a uniquely configured BIM solution that’s right for your organization


In-depth training delivered in a way that’s right for your organization

Features & Benefits

Streamline Workflows

Boost collaboration

Advance design efficiencies

Improve project management driving time & cost savings

Improve your bottom line

Standards Development

Standards Development

Templates, documented standards & procedures are at the core of institutionalizing efficient methods within any organization

Let our experts examine your existing CAD & BIM standards & templates to provide recommendations on improvements, best practices & updates


Documentation of core standards


Guidelines & best practices cheat sheets


Tool palettes

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We're here to help you advance your workflow optimization, develop the standards & logical workflows to get the most out of your technology investment.