BIM Production

Providing a realistic model & an accurate bid from the onset demonstrates technical expertise that builds trust & confidence that can help you win the bid.

BIM Production

BIM Production


3D modeling is the new competitive advantage for construction organizations

The ability for firms to provide a realistic model of a project and an accurate bid from the onset demonstrates technical expertise that builds trust and confidence for the client and can help win the bid.

The assistance you need and expertise you expect

Provide a virtual rendering of a project? Ensure efficient design & build processes? Reduce time, costs & mistakes before construction begins?


3D modeling provides a greater return-on-investment than traditional 2D models

Deliver shorter project lifecycles

Improve your bottom line

Better management of today's modern buildings


New to BIM?

We've got you covered.

Our team consists of highly skilled BIM experts with real-world construction experience – savvy in the latest technology, methodologies, and workflows. Our resources are an extension of your team. See your bottom-line profitably grow in new ways as a result of BIM’s cost-effective and collaborative approach.

We offer an array of modeling-related services

3D BIM Models

As-built/model closeout

Scan to BIM Conversion

Level of detail 100-400+ for architecture, structural, HVAC, mechanical piping, plumbing, electrical & fire protection for visualization & buy-in across stakeholders.

3D model embedding with links to information such as serial codes, warranties, O&M manuals, specification, maintenance schedules & history of all components in a building to help transition to 6D facilities maintenance.

Digitally capture an existing space or site using laser scanned data & convert to a 3D model.

Design & constructibility reviews

4D BIM scheduling & phase planning data to the model

5D BIM quantity takeoff & add cost data to the model

Identify obstacles that may cause delays, cost overruns, or reworks.

Shop drawing creation

Fabrication & spool drawings with bill of materials & pipe cut lengths

Virtual renderings & digital concrete lift drawings

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Add capacity to your team without the hassle & expense of recruiting & hiring permanent staff

Augmenting your staffing levels with our expert resources can help keep costs in check while providing the flexibility to scale up or down as your needs change.

Our areas of expertise

3D & 2D modeling

As-built models

Laser scanning

Scan to BIM

Visual renderings

Project management


Document & standards creation

Software configuration & implementation

Professional BIM Services

Need to augment your staff for a new project? Implement & deploy BIM technology? Deliver content or modeling?

We can provide a budget-friendly solution to get the project done on time & on budget.