Connecting the Dots; Resolving Disconnects

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The design and construction of any asset, no matter scope or scale, requires a truly unique mix of people, technologies and techniques.

For Andrell Laniewicz, successfully supporting those working in this environment necessarily requires cross-discipline experience as well.  She started her journey with a Master of Architecture degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a focus on architectural technology.

She recalled, “After some eye-opening time working for a city planning office, I went to work with general contractors in the virtual design and construction (VDC) departments—sometimes as part of a team, sometimes solo. I worked on everything from proposals to preconstruction, handover to operations. During this time, I was part of a team building a data center project that set a world record at the time!”

Soon after, she went to work for a design-to-fabrication MEP contractor and grew her knowledge base even more while developing a closer relationship with Autodesk – both the products and the company. She was also teaching BIM for Construction at a local university for a while as well, which has helped shape how she teaches while also improving her ability to communicate complex topics to various audiences.

When asked about her purpose and perspective, Laniewicz concluded, “When I realized that there was a common challenge across all disciplines in the design and construction space, I came to work for U.S. CAD, An ARKANCE Company. My goal is to connect the dots, to help solve disconnects that often occur when various people, tools and techniques come together on projects, particularly in our ever increasing digital ecosystem.”

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