U.S. CAD, an ARKANCE Company, and Autodesk are Enhancing the Customer Buying Experience.

Successfully navigate the new Autodesk buying process with U.S. CAD, your trusted partner, by your side. Get all the essential information, resources, and answers to common questions to be fully prepared.

Introducing a New Buying Process for Autodesk Subscriptions in Strong Partnership with U.S. CAD, An ARKANCE Company


A New Way to Buy Autodesk Subscriptions

Beginning June 10, 2024, Autodesk is making changes to its subscription buying process for non-government customers. These changes aim to streamline and enhance the overall buying experience.

The primary change is that subscription payment transactions for Autodesk products will be conducted directly with Autodesk.


Your Trusted Advisor
at Every Stage

In the new buying process, U.S. CAD remains your trusted Autodesk technology partner, serving as your main point of contact for all your Autodesk needs before, during, and after the sale, including expert technology purchasing and renewal guidance, insightful product demonstrations, facilitated quotations, comprehensive technical support, and an award-winning Customer Success experience.


Value-Added Services for Your Autodesk Subscription

With over 25 years of expertise, U.S. CAD is a unique all-in-one Autodesk Platinum Partner with unparalleled experience, deep domain expertise, local and global reach, an unrivaled state-of-the-art technology portfolio, exceptional value-added consulting and professional services, world-class customer success, and technical support. Our alignment and partnership with Autodesk ensures our commitment to your success.

We know you have questions about what Autodesk’s new buying process means for you and your organization, and we are here to help.

Why are these changes happening?

Personalized Experience

Setting the foundation to create an experience tailored to your needs.

Predictable Pricing

Providing you with consistent pricing no matter how you buy.

Streamlined Process

Allowing you more convenience with enhanced self-serve capabilities in your Autodesk account

BIM-Team 1

Alongside Autodesk’s new buying process, U.S. CAD continues to strategically invest in our operations to support our customers.

  • Expanding local and global resources
  • Success Planning
  • Diverse and innovative consulting services
  • Flexible training offerings
  • An array of BIM Production
  • A robust product portfolio complementing Autodesk products
  • Cutting-edge analytics and interactive dashboards
  • Award-winning Customer Success
  • Comprehensivetechnical support
  • Sustainability consulting
  • An extensive partner network including Autodesk, Bluebeam, and more
  • Thought leadership

Before and Post June 10, 2024

While requested quotes and purchasing will be performed directly through the Autodesk portal post-June 10, 2024, U.S. CAD will still be your trusted partner in choosing the right products, support, training, services, quoting, renewals, and any additional software and/or toolsets that accompany your Autodesk product. This offers you complete control over your Autodesk product purchasing while having the advantage of your trusted partner, U.S. CAD.

Before June 10, 2024  Post June 10, 2024 
Support U.S. CAD  U.S. CAD
Training U.S. CAD  U.S. CAD 
Services U.S. CAD  U.S. CAD
Product Advice and Guidance U.S. CAD  U.S. CAD 
Quote Requested To  U.S. CAD  U. S. CAD 
Quote From U.S. CAD  Autodesk
Renewal  U.S. CAD  Autodesk
Additional Software and Toolsets U.S. CAD  U.S. CAD 

What you need to do to be ready.

To prepare for your next purchase or renewal, set up Autodesk as a supplier in your organization’s procurement system for payment. Visit the vendor setup page to find the information you need.

Explore frequently asked questions for Autodesk’s new buying process.

What is changing about the new buying process in North America for Autodesk subscriptions?
In the new buying process for subscriptions, U.S. CAD will configure your quote (which you will receive from Autodesk) and continue to be involved in all phases of the pre-sales and post-sales experience except for the actual payment transaction, which will happen directly between you and Autodesk. This new way of transacting subscription purchases will begin in North America on June 10, 2024.

Autodesk is striving to improve your experience by streamlining the transaction process and providing you with more personalized service.

My organization is a government agency. How does this change affect our organization?
As a government organization, there will be no changes to how you buy Autodesk products. You will continue to work with U.S. CAD in the same manner to make your purchases.

Where does my organization go for support?
We understand how challenging change can be. We have made every effort to make this transition as seamless as possible. Please contact our Customer Success Team by email at customersuccess@uscad.com, or phone us at (877) 648-7223 and ask for your U.S. CAD Sales Account Manager.

What are the advantages of the new buying process?
Autodesk has heard from customers that they would like a more streamlined experience that offers increased control over their product subscriptions.

By working directly with Autodesk to manage the purchase, you will have more control over your subscriptions and renewals, improved visibility into your usage data, and time saved through Autodesk’s self-service capabilities.

Data-driven interactions: U.S. CAD will also be able to better serve you by understanding what products you currently own and providing more relevant recommendations moving forward.

Predictability: Providing confidence to get the best price regardless of where you buy.

You will continue to work with U.S. CAD for pre- and post-sale support, and the engagement will remain essentially the same. We will continue to work with you to unlock value and meet your business goals.

Fundamental changes occur in the buying phase. Autodesk takes responsibility for credit checks, order management, and payment collections in the new buying process. U.S. CAD will monitor upcoming renewal dates and encourage you to renew before expiry, but the renewal process will occur directly with Autodesk.

What happens to my partnership with U.S. CAD?
U.S. CAD continues to be your Value-added Partner, providing your organization with guidance and advice for all of your Autodesk requirements.

Why do I need to set up Autodesk as a supplier in our procurement system?
The new streamlined purchasing process will make it easier to purchase Autodesk subscriptions.

Setting up Autodesk as a vendor is an important part of the purchasing process to ensure a seamless transaction or renewal.

The process of setting up Autodesk as a vendor is dependent on the needs of your organization. We recommend that you confirm with your procurement team what is required to set up Autodesk as a vendor.

In most circumstances, adding Autodesk as a vendor is part of the usual procurement process. For more complex scenarios, we can assist by working with you and Autodesk as needed.

Setting up Autodesk as a vendor in advance can help shorten the sales cycle and enjoy the benefits of transaction efficiency in the new buying process. Set up Autodesk as a vendor now.

Am I still able to procure Autodesk products directly from U.S. CAD?
In this new process, U.S. CAD will continue to serve as your primary contact, serving as a trusted partner for your business needs and offering technology guidance and advice for your unique requirements. When you decide to proceed with an Autodesk solution, we will submit a quote request on your behalf.

Autodesk will then provide you with the completed quote, and upon your acceptance, you’ll pay Autodesk directly. Autodesk takes responsibility for credit checks, order management, and payment collections in this new buying process.

Managing the purchase directly through Autodesk provides increased control over subscriptions and renewals through user-friendly self-service capabilities. This approach enables more relevant recommendations for your future needs and offers confidence by ensuring predictability in pricing, regardless of where you buy it from.

The goal is to enhance your experience and ensure a seamless process tailored to your needs.

Can I continue to purchase other software, tools, and services, such as training and consulting, directly from U.S. CAD?
Yes! Nothing changes in how we engage with you on your technology needs, or how you order and pay for all other software and services from U.S. CAD.

Am I able to negotiate a price/ discount directly with Autodesk?
In the new buying process, all transactions occur directly with Autodesk and are subject to Autodesk terms. The new buying process includes consistent pricing no matter where you buy.

As Autodesk will transact directly with you, the transaction terms will be included in your quote.

You will continue to work directly with U.S. CAD for value-added services, additional software, and tools to complement your Autodesk products, Customer Success, and technical support.

What happens to my existing Autodesk Multi-Year with Annual Billing (MYAB) agreements?
For customers currently on MYAB, future installments/billings (for year 2 or 3 payments) will continue to be with U.S. CAD.

Will my organization continue to receive Technical Support from U.S. CAD?
Yes! Our support and services relationship remains unchanged. For assistance, please contact our support team at:

Email: support@uscad.com
Phone: (877) 648-7223
Online: https://uscad.com/support/

What is the U.S. CAD’s perspective on this change?
U.S. CAD is fully aligned with Autodesk on this change, ensuring that our customers receive an enhanced Autodesk subscription experience. We are well-prepared to support our customers and effectively manage the positive impact on our business. As a result, U.S. CAD has been able to make numerous strategic investments to better serve our customers and drive the expansion of their businesses and project requirements.

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