Access to data, standardizing projects, and mitigating risk are critical for efficient planning, building, managing, and operating projects. U.S. CAD knows what it takes for owners to take control of projects by leveraging innovative technology and best practices to drive results.

Why U.S. CAD for Owners?

The total value of BIM for owners – whether commercial building or institutional - is something that cannot be overlooked when managing costs, reducing waste, and earning higher returns. Once hesitant, owners are now adopting BIM at full speed to support the entire lifecycle from building design to construction of a structure to facilities maintenance – even connecting virtual teams in real-time.

Empower the entire building ecosystem to:

  • Meet contractual obligations
  • Facilitate collaboration across virtual teams
  • Increase accountability
  • Reduce RFIs and rework
  • Leverage data-rich facility models to extract and analyze data during its lifetime
  • Integrate to integrated workplace management systems (IWMS)
  • Achieve an efficient handover at day-one

Delivering the benefits of digitalization for Owners

A digital twin is a virtual model of a building that collects real-world information via many systems and sources about the structure. With pent-up demand for new and revised facilities, digital twins are becoming vital to helping owners gain valuable insights about a project's performance, operation, or profitability – whether in progress or built.

And Autodesk Tandem, a cloud-based digital twin technology platform, leads connecting the dots between owners and architectural, engineering, and contracting (AEC) teams to tap into rich data for better designs, construction, and business intelligence.

Ready to embrace BIM and digital twins to achieve improved designs, better construction, and superior facilities management?

Rely on U.S. CAD’s extensive portfolio of owner solutions and services for all your project needs from kick-off to completion:

  • Standards, workflow optimization, and BIM implementation
  • Facilities and construction management software implementation and training
  • Data collection and ownership solutions
  • Digital twin creation services
  • Customized dashboards and reports to reduce risks and costs for design and construction
  • Project management from design through construction to handover and facilities management

Scan to BIM processes will take your projects to the next level of success

Scan to BIM is becoming increasingly common for owners. If your firm is new to Scan to BIM, lean on U.S. CAD to help. Owners can use Scan to BIM to manage, operate, and maintain their facilities more efficiently. Why? 3D BIM models are created faster with laser scanning of existing structures.

Now project teams can better collaborate and reduce start-up time on the next project. Not only saving time and costs but realizing other benefits. And you'll have a competitive advantage by turning point cloud data into 3D models. The opportunities are endless for sales and marketing purposes, as-build documentation, facilities management, digital twin, and supporting Internet of Things (IoT).

Construction technology solutions designed to meet your unique needs

Using the right technology and equipment on your project matters to ensure accuracy, efficiency, productivity, and staying on budget – and we can help. Rely on U.S. CAD’s array of construction solutions and services for all your project needs from kick-off to completion to accelerate project delivery.

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Combines next-generation technology, a robust network of professionals and firms, and powerful predictive analytics to help your business thrive across all phases of construction.
Featured Solutions:

Build: Field management software for builders.
BIM Collaborate Pro: Design collaboration and model coordination software for design and VDC teams.
Takeoff: 2D and 3D Takeoff software for estimators.
BuildingConnected: Bid Management software for owners and builders
PlanGrid: Simple, robust construction software that empowers teams to collaborate efficiently and access the record set from any device

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A software solution for Building Information Modeling (BIM), helping professionals drive efficiency and accuracy across the project lifecycle, from conceptual design, visualization, and analysis to fabrication and construction.

Autodesk Revit is a multidisciplinary building information modeling (BIM) software that empowers design professionals to optimize project outcomes and deliver higher quality building designs.

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Productivity and status tracking solutions for the construction industry.

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An array of laser scanners and software for exceptionally accurate measurements and facilitating Scan to BIM.

U.S. CAD is uniquely positioned to deliver for you

With over 20 years of expertise in both technology and the discipline of construction, no one knows construction technology better than U.S. CAD. What does that mean for you?


Design and Construction
cloud platforms.


Technology and processes for effective design, communication, development planning to achieve the best project outcome.


Consistent deliverables and construction. Reusable project data and lessons learned.


Common data environment in a single platform.


Data lifecycle from design thru construction to handover and facilities management.


Single source of truth across all team members.


Break down silos; increase transparency; bring speed to action as one team. Develop Conditions of Satisfaction, and “what gets measured gets managed.”


Proactively identify and track construction issues for resolution to reduce delays and enforce accountability.


Dashboards and reports for reduced risks and cost for design and construction. And reduce costs for future projects.

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