A Pipeline for Accurate Optimized Fabrication Models


The FAB360 fabrication database solution from ENGworks Global is a purpose-built solution designed to improve workflows and modeling accuracy in sheet metal and piping fabrication. The database includes manufacturer-specific, certified content from over 38 manufacturers to support the development of construction-ready models and shop drawings. The developers leveraged certified CADmep™ / Revit® (ITMs/RFAs) to ensure enhanced and accurate representation of parts that is in constant alignment with the manufacturer’s dimensional data ensuring an accurate spooling process.

Along with over 200 design services, FAB360 includes tools like button mapping to automate the conversion of generic models into fabrication-ready content tailored to specific manufacturers and shops. Further, every model includes metadata such as product numbers, weights, and codes to streamline estimating processes.

ENGworks continues to expand the library of manufacturer-specific content. By Q3 2024, the solution will include an electrical database configuration and by the end of 2024, ENGworks will release imperial and metric versions of a generic global database covering common standards worldwide.

To see ENGworks FAB360 fabrication database in action, see the webinar:

Design with Confidence with ENGworks FAB360

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