[Video] How to Create Quantity Takeoffs from AutoCAD Objects in Civil 3D

If you’re a civil designer, you may be familiar with pulling Civil objects in Civil 3D. However, if you receive drawings from clients or consultants who only use AutoCAD, you may be wondering how to pull quantities like plain AutoCAD objects in Civil 3D. There is a tool in Civil 3D called the Quantity Takeoff Manager that can help you do this.

In the video below, I explain how you can use the QTO Manager for pulling quantities for AutoCAD objects like blocks and poly-lines, and attaching your pay items to your AutoCAD entities.

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Read the full Video Transcript below from my video demonstration.

Video Transcript:

Hi, in this video, we’re gonna talk about how to pull quantities from plain AutoCAD objects that are in Civil 3D. So, obviously we should be able to pull quantities from civil objects, but I’m gonna show you how to pull quantities from plain AutoCAD objects. So, maybe you get a drawing from a consultant and they didn’t use Civil 3D and you wanna pull those quantities. I’m gonna show you the process for doing that.

So, I’m gonna go over to my drawing here and this drawing has a subdivision, and you can see that we have things like blocks in the case of this fire hydrant. We’ve got polylines in the case of a curb and gutter over here. We do have some civil objects. But we’ve also got polylines where we’ve got enclosed areas.

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So, in Civil 3D with the use of the QTO Manager, first thing I need to do is open up the QTO Manager. I’m gonna turn off the categorization that the QTO Manager comes with. And, from here, the first step is to open up a Pay Item file. If you’re not familiar with Pay Items, these are categorized item lists that get assigned to items during construction of a project. There is one that comes with Civil 3D right out of the box. But it has close to 4000 items.

So, what I’m gonna do is, I have one that is a pared down version of it. And this is kinda what it looks like but it’s in a .CSV file. So, typically, I view this in Excel. But you can see it’s a much more pared down list. So once I bring this into the QTO Manager, you can see that my Pay Item lists are now present. So, what I’m gonna start off with is I’m gonna show you the process. I need to attach Pay Items to my AutoCAD entity. So, I’m gonna select a block, in this case it’s hydrant. I’m gonna right-click and select similar. And from here you’ll notice that we have seven or eight hydrants selected.

So from here I’m gonna go over to my Pay Item list in the QTO Manager. I’m gonna right-click on the Pay Item for fire hydrant and I’m going to assign the Pay Item. Once I do that and I hover over a block, you can see at the bottom it has a Pay Item of fire hydrant. Real quickly, I’m gonna do that with my polylines which are my curb. And I’m gonna right-click the curb Pay Item and assign Pay Item. So now I hover over it, it has a Pay Item.

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Last but not least, you can select multiple Pay Items. In this case, I’ve got a couple of median areas that need seeding and top soil. So I’m gonna use Assign Pay Item to Area. I’m gonna select the inside areas of both of these polylines and just like that, the hatch area now shows. See if I could get this to show for you. And it just doesn’t want to show at this point. And now zooming in, let’s see if I got it. There it is. So you can see that these areas now have two Pay Items.

So from here, I can close my QTO Manager, go to the TakeOff button. I’m gonna do a Summary Report, I’m gonna uncheck selected items only, I’m gonna hit compute. I’m going to choose the format that I want, in this case HTML. And there is my quantity takeoff. Now from here, I can hit the draw button and then place that as an AutoCAD table in my drawing.

So there you have it. I pulled quantities with plain AutoCAD items like blocks and polylines and you can see that it quantified each and every one of them for me.

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