Discussing New Features in Revit 2018 with Jack Trexler and Jason Boehning

In their “Revit 2018 New Features” Skype chat, CADLearning’s Building Content Manager Jason Boehning, and U.S. CAD’s Technical Specialist Jack Trexler, shared their favorite new updates to the Revit 2018 release.

Video Transcript

Hello everyone. My name is Jason Boehning, I am the Building Content Manager for CADLearning. I oversee the development of any Autodesk product related to building design such as Revit, Dynamo, Insight 360, and today we are going to focus on the new features in Revit 2018. With us today, I have Jack Trexler from U.S. CAD.

Hello everyone. This is Jack Trexler, I’m a Technical Specialist with U.S. CAD. I mainly focus on the MEP portion at U.S. CAD, but I am involved in all of the AEC products from Autodesk with U.S. CAD.

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