How to Bridge Gaps in Your Architectural Designs with FormIt 360, from CADLearning’s David Cohn

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Many architectural designers face the issue of bridging the gaps between preliminary design, design development and construction documentation in Revit. Users needed a tool to seamlessly move their designs in and out of Revit throughout their design process. While some users opt SketchUp as a solution, moving designs from SketchUp…

Autodesk Civil Infrastructure Software Updates & Hotfixes (February 2017)

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InfraWorks 360 is big news this month! Below are the new additions to the latest release of InfraWorks 360 as well as some updates and new tools released for Civil 3D 2016. Don’t forget to sign up below to get notifications about updates from the Infrastructure Universe delivered straight to…

Did You Know? Translating Custom Model Objects with Object Enablers in Navisworks

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CADLearning’s successful Did You Know? series tackles common AEC industry and technical problems. U.S. CAD is excited to partner with CADLearning to answer some of the frequently asked questions that the U.S. CAD Technical Support often receive. Question: How do object enablers work in Navisworks? Expert Solution from Heidi Boutwell, CADLearning’s…

Moving from AutoCAD to Revit, It’s All About the Setup

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If you’re a company or team that still uses AutoCAD for the majority of your design work, then the sermon of how much “better” Revit is than AutoCAD is a tired one. While many building design firms have decided to transition from AutoCAD to Revit, there are still many who use both…

5 Misconceptions about Scanning

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3D laser scanning is a powerful asset for the AEC industry. But the utilization is lower than it should be based on some common misconceptions rooted in out-of-date information. Technology is moving the AEC industry forward, and you may not be able to afford to ignore it in the future….

How to Win More Civil Projects with InfraWorks 360, from CADLearning’s Heidi Boutwell

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Successfully winning a civil project can be influenced by your client relationship, team’s industry experience, and project budget. However, in some cases, you can tip the scales in your favor by providing the client with something they have yet to see: what their project will actually look like in a…

3 Benefits of Using Drones for Construction Projects

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Drones provide many benefits for the AEC industry. One area that has seen much commercial success with drones is construction. Construction projects have historically been complex, time-consuming, and resource-intensive. That’s why many builders and teams are looking to drones to address some of these industry challenges. Here are 3 key benefits to…

Why You Need the BLK360 Even If You Already Use Scanning

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If you were at Autodesk University in November or following along with those who were on social media, you may have caught wind of the BLK360 announcement from Autodesk and Leica Geosystems. Excitement is high for this new scanner throughout the industry. The low price point has the opportunity to…