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AUTHOR: Aaron Wagner
Aaron Wagner brings more than 15 years of building industry experience to his role as a Solutuions Consultant for U.S. CAD. His Building Information Modeling (BIM) background includes research, development, and implementation, and support. Prior to joining the U.S. CAD team, Mr. Wagner served in the roles of BIM Managers and Design Directors for firms such as SHADE Group and Architects Hawaii Ltd in Honolulu, HI. In those roles, he developed work process strategies for all project production and was responsible for the organization’s Revit projects including the project setup, debugging, and assisting in production. Due to his expertise in the CAD and BIM software solutions, he also provided beginner and advanced level training through in-house education programs and luncheons. Mr. Wagner is active in the local BIM community and frequently participates in activities to increase the awareness and adoption of BIM and related practices.