What is Deployment Creation?

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Autodesk’s Online Deployment creation tool can provide a streamlined experience when you need to get team members up and running quickly. When regular install files do not meet requirements or there’s a large number of devices that require installation, Autodesk Online Deployment is the tool for the job. Let’s dive into the benefits of the tool and in what situations it’s the most effective.

What is a deployment and when is it best utilized?

Autodesk describes their deployment process as, “A deployment is an efficient way to install one or more Autodesk products with a standard configuration on multiple computers. The files required for installation are stored in a shared network folder.” While deployment is not the answer for every circumstance, there are a few guidelines that should be taken into consideration:

  • 5 or more computers need to have Autodesk software installed
  • Installation needs excel beyond the standard process
  • More than one Autodesk product needs to be installed on multiple computers
  • An automated method to push out the installation to multiple devices is desired

What are the benefits of Autodesk Online Deployment Creation?

If deployment creation has been chosen as the method of installation, there are several benefits one can expect from the outcome:

  • The deployment tool no longer requires an installation itself. The entire process is done online through your Autodesk account.
  • The interface is easy to use and the process is repeatable.
  • Selecting which software should be installed on each machine is straightforward.
  • The deployment is easy to edit on the fly.

To view the entire walkthrough, watch the Infrastructure Tuesday webinar presented by Senior Technical Specialist KaDe King.

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