Connect and Understand Project Data for Better Decision-Making with Autodesk Construction Cloud and Power BI


Having the right data at the right time can make or break any project. With Autodesk Insight and Construction IQ, part of the Autodesk Construction Cloud, you can have peace of mind through real-time project data, analytics, and predictive insights at any time during the project lifecycle.

Watch this recorded webinar for an overview of powerful tools, integrations, and dashboards that can help you get up to speed and stay in-the-know about your projects before they become fires.

Specifically, we cover the following topics:

• Insight, Construction IQ, and Data Extraction
• How to understand the story your data is telling you
• Setting up your projects to gather the data you need to make intelligent business decisions
• Customized, in-depth Power BI dashboards for Insights by Engworks, our partner