U.S. CAD transitioning to ARKANCE for brand unity and enhanced offerings 

We're transitioning to ARKANCE

In June 2023, ARKANCE acquired U.S. CAD. As a result, U.S. CAD is now proudly part of the world’s leading provider of AECO and manufacturing technology and services. At ARKANCE, we are committed to helping you continually innovate and improve the way you design and build. With this in mind, ARKANCE has embarked on a journey to combine the expertise and strengths of its affiliates worldwide into one unified, global technology and services organization.

Today, we are symbolizing that evolution with the creation of one strong, unified identity under the name ARKANCE. We want to share more about how U.S. CAD will transition to the ARKANCE brand in the coming months and what that means for you.

This transition is an evolution, not just a name change and a new look. It will pave the way for enhanced innovations and offerings to bring you greater value. Our vision is to advance the way we work together to build a better world. While our name and look will change, our core values, mission, and dedication to serving you remain steadfast. Our focus remains on delivering world-class solutions that empower you to design, build, and solve for tomorrow’s challenges.

What is changing?

U.S. CAD is transitioning from its current external identity and branding to ARKANCE. This brand transition signifies a renewed emphasis on global collaboration and the ability to offer an enhanced technology portfolio. Additionally, ARKANCE will deliver its purpose-built in-house solutions that integrate with essential Autodesk products under the Be.Smart Portfolio, a single, expanded portfolio designed to improve the customer experience and revolutionize project delivery outcomes in the AECO and manufacturing industries.

In early 2024, ARKANCE will unveil the www.arkance.world website, a new, modern, and sophisticated online customer experience. Its design and user experience represent the power of our global enterprise while catering to the needs of our local markets. Visitors to www.uscad.com will be automatically redirected to the new ARKANCE website when it launches, ensuring continued access to valuable content.

What stays the same?

You can expect ongoing excellent service from U.S. CAD, with the same contacts, support channels, locations, and resources, as well as additional resources and offerings to better serve you. If you have any questions about our transition, please do not hesitate to contact your same team of advisors at U.S. CAD.

Next steps

We encourage you to follow us on LinkedIn at @ARKANCE and @USCAD to follow our brand transformation journey and obtain other company updates. We are excited about the future as one global ARKANCE, and we hope you are too, as ARKANCE sets the standard for partnership, technology delivery, innovation, and services for the AECO and manufacturing industries.

As 2023 comes to an end, we would like to thank you for your continued support, trust, and partnership. May your holiday season and new year be filled with joy, peace, and prosperity.   

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