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autodesk construction cloud

Combines next-generation technology, a robust network of professionals and firms, and powerful predictive analytics to help your business thrive across all phases of construction.


BIMPro & FABPro – productivity and status tracking solutions for the construction industry.


Bridging the gap between reality capture technology and digital design and construction, PointFuse converts point cloud data from laser scanners or photogrammetry into intelligent useable 3D mesh models.

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A New UI for Smarter Building Documentation

Discover the benefits of the newly redesigned user interface for Smart Documentation, an Autodesk Revit add-on that revolutionizes BIM documentation. With a focus on automation, this tool simplifies drawing generation and reduces repetitive tasks, significantly cutting down the chance of human error. The updated UI, along with enhanced features like advanced filtering and improved Text Notes functionality, ensures users can work more efficiently and accurately than ever before. Explore how these updates can streamline your workflow and boost productivity in your Revit projects.
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Strategies to win more work

Three Strategies to Win More High-Impact Work

Many clients talk about their desire to win more work in specific markets, such as healthcare, institutional, science, and technology buildings—yet find owners in these sectors selective and sophisticated. Breaking…
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The Evolving Role of Technology in Project Delivery and Contracts

From project procurement to means and methods, the AEC landscape today is evolving at a rapid pace thanks in large part due to today’s more collaborative technology. For architects, engineers,…
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