Complex project demands, antiquated processes, and increasing demands for skilled talent make delivering projects on time and budget difficult. To achieve the best project outcome and empower your staff, you must leverage the best construction technology and partner to help you navigate your options.

Why U.S. CAD for Architecture?

Partnering with us for your architecture technology needs and services will help you adopt 3D modeling software to innovate at a higher level, accelerate drafting, and establish consistent project workflows, and leverage skilled talent when extra assistance is needed for BIM production work, mentoring, or to augment your own project teams to keep up with project volume, scope, and demands.

Put the right solutions in place to secure your competitive advantage

Templates, libraries, and documented standards for both CAD and BIM are at the core of institutionalizing efficient methods for your firm that save time and costs. Our experts, combined with the right technology solutions, can modernize your existing CAD and BIM standards and templates to provide recommendations on improvements, best practices, and updates.

Leverage our offering for standards development

Documentation of Core Standards

Cheat sheets for basic guidelines and best practices consisting of short, one-page, high-level, outlines of critical steps needed

Revit Templates

AutoCAD Templates

Tool Palettes

Invest in your team with flexible training & education

Empower your team members with the training that’s right for them and your firm – helping them increase their skills and knowledge on products and workflows while driving company revenue and project quality.

Group Training

Prepare for a new project, learn a new version as you upgrade, fine-tune your workflows, mentor teams

Increase your teams skill level

Individualized Training

Mentor individual team members in need of self-paced individualized training

Get focused & personalized training

The right technology & equipment for the project

Using the right technology and equipment on your projects matters to ensure accuracy, efficiency, productivity, and staying on budget. Rely on U.S. CAD’s portfolio of architecture solutions for all your project needs from kick-off to completion to speed design, drive innovation, and modernize workflows.

Adopt leading design solutions

Revit helps professionals design, build, and maintain higher-quality, more energy-efficient buildings. Using the information-rich models created with the solution, architects, engineers, and construction firms can collaborate to make better-informed decisions earlier in the design process to deliver projects with greater efficiency. 

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A customizable and extensible CAD application for professional design, drafting, detailing, and visualization. AutoCAD software provides digital tools that can be used independently and in conjunction with other specific applications in fields ranging from construction and civil engineering to manufacturing and plant design.

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Laser scanning takes exceptionally accurate measurements by digitally capturing objects using laser light. The result is a point cloud consisting of millions of points that produce a highly accurate 3D representation of the as-built conditions. A point cloud can be easily imported into leading CAD and BIM software solutions to further use in the design and construction process.

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BIM Modeling Production & Coordination Services

o Whether providing a virtual rendering of the project, creating accurate bids, or ensuring efficient design and build processes to reduce time, costs, and mistakes before construction starts, 3D modeling provides a greater return-on-investment than traditional 2D models delivering shorter project lifecycles, an improved bottom line, and better management of today’s modern buildings.

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