Workflow Wednesday: Revit for Interiors

It’s time for interiors to start moving into Revit. More and more owners are beginning to require interiors in Revit, and, because of its visualization capabilities, users can create realistic renderings with animations to show walkthroughs. In this month’s Workflow Wednesday webinar, Kristin Rhein shared some helpful tips for interior designers and engineers looking to move interiors to Revit and take advantage of the abilities of the software.

During the webinar, Kristin discussed functions such as schedules, animations, and 3D views—starting with setting up models for schedules by adding room objects. She also demonstrated how to set up animated walkthroughs by drawing a camera path through the project and how to edit and tweak the final walkthrough path, elevation, and more. To save a lot of time when creating your animations, Kristen suggests outputting the Revit file into 3ds Max and setting up a render farm using 3ds Max and Backburner.

Edit Walkthroughs
Edit the camera path and tweak the elevation in your walkthroughs.

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