4 New Features and Enhancements in iConstruct 2017

The 2017 release of iConstruct is here. In addition to the brand-new Model Compare tool, enhancements have been made to existing tools to make iConstruct even more powerful. Read on to learn more about the top four new features and enhancements in the 2017 release of iConstruct.

New Feature: Model Compare

The brand-new Model Compare tool allows for property comparison and determines if an object has changed based on a nominated ID. The tool is exposed to BIMFlow, which allows overnight batch comparisons to be run so the results can be stored in a database file and used at a later time.

Feature Enhancements

2D Hidden Line View

The Zone Grouper feature for Clash Manager overlays zone geometry within the model. With this feature configured, each clash will contain zone information that can be used for filtering and/or grouping.

Zone Slicer

Zone Slicer for ReConstruct enables even more control over your models. You can import your own cuboid zone NWD or use the provided utility to create a zone volume NWD from your sectioned viewpoints. Then, you can enable Zone Slicer in ReConstruct to export a sliced NWD for each viewpoint.

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