Revit Content Libraries Missing? Here’s How to Fix It.

If you are having difficulty creating a deployment only of your Revit install with your Building Design Suite, it is likely due to a known issue with the Revit Content Libraries. You may notice that some files fail to copy correctly when the deployment is built, and prevents Libraries from being installed. These are the files you should watch for: the master.rvt.xml and master.xsd.

Here is a solution to fix this issue: After creating your deployment, I recommend copying the files from the install folder where you exacted the files (\Content\Revit Folder) to the Deployment location where you created the image (\Img\Content\Revit) as seen below.

revit content libraries missing

For more information about this issue, please refer to this Autodesk knowledge-based article:

Revit Content Libraries not getting installed from a Building Design Suite 2016 or 2017 deployment

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