[Video] Slow Drawings? Reduce Your Civil 3D Surfaces

If you’re a Civil 3D user, you’ve likely encountered excessively large surfaces that can slow your drawings to a crawl. You might have a way to work around issues like this, or you might be letting slow drawings impede your workflows.

In this video, catch a sneak peek from the upcoming Sept. 5th Infrastructure Tuesday webinar to see how Aaron Powell, one of U.S. CAD’s infrastructure experts, was able to reduce an existing aerial surface to a manageable size without losing any of the information he needed.

This trick is just one of many that Aaron uses when working in Civil 3D. At the next Infrastructure Tuesday webinar on September 5th, he will be sharing more of his favorite tips and tricks for working with surfaces in Civil 3D and some other tools you may not know about. Make sure you sign up now for the webinar and bring all your Civil 3D surface questions with you on September 5th!

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Video Transcript

Most of us have dealt with large existing or proposed surfaces within Civil 3D, and they can make a drawing painfully slow. On Tuesday, September 5, join me, Aaron Powell, a U.S. CAD Senior Technical Specialist, and we will be looking at tips and tricks to help with this issue. We’ll also be taking a look at some of the surface tools that you may or may not have used in the past. Here, I have an existing surface that was an aerial existing surface, came from I’ve taken this surface and I’ve reduced it, and as you can see, I have the exact same contours, and again, reduced it again, it’s the exact same surface. All three surfaces are existing ground surfaces that you can do the exact same thing with. You can build off of it. You can do cross sections, everything, they’re all exactly three the same. But, and you can see if I open up the folder, they reside in, it started out with almost 15 MB, 8700 KB, and then all the way down to 800 KB with the exact same surface.

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Looking for more Infrastructure Tuesdays?

Be sure to register for all the upcoming Infrastructure Tuesday webinars to get more tips and tricks about Civil 3D and infrastructure design.

What do you want to know? Share what you’re hoping to learn about Civil 3D surfaces at the webinar in the comments below.

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