How to Set Up 4 Common Workflows in BIM 360 Docs for Your Construction Project

Having a “single source of truth” for your construction document management is critical: work happens faster, risks are lowered, and errors can be eliminated. Getting everyone on the same page is the value that Autodesk BIM 360 Docs brings to construction teams. Autodesk BIM 360 Docs is part of the larger BIM 360 platform, which includes other point solutions like Field, Glue, and Plan.

To help you get up and running with BIM 360 Docs, here are the instructions for how to set up four common workflows within the system. These guides provide you with the steps that the Project Admin needs to take to set up these processes, and what the Project Member will see and be able to do. You can download the PDFs for each of these workflows by clicking on the images.


#1: For As-Builts and Redlines

In order to create a workflow for as-builts and redlines in BIM 360 Docs, the Project Admin, who is usually the document manager on the general contractor’s team, will need to:

  • Create an As-Built Set in the Plans section by discipline (electrical, drywall, concrete, etc.).
  • Copy the Current Set drawings to the created folders.
  • Invite the Project Members to collaborate in these folders and apply the correct permissions.

After that setup is completed, Project Members (usually the subcontractors) will be able to create markups of field condition on the drawings and notify the contractor when those are complete.


#2: For RFI Posting

For teams to start posting and tracking RFIs in BIM 360 Docs, the Project Admin needs to take five simple steps to get this workflow set up.

  • Create a Current Set in the Plans section.
  • Upload and publish the drawing set.
  • Invite Project Members to the folder and apply the correct permissions.
  • Select the RFI workflow for the project.
  • Assign the RFI workflow roles to the participating companies.

Once this is done, Project Members like the subcontractor, architect, and document manager, will be able to draft an RFI and submit it to the required person for review.


#3: For Design Review

To get started with an easy design review workflow in BIM 360 Docs, the Project Admin just needs to complete three steps:

  • Create a Design Review folder in the Plans section.
  • Upload and publish the drawing set.
  • Invite Project Members to the folder and apply the correct permissions.

After that, Project Members will be able to subscribe to the Design Review folder, review drawings and create markups, and notify the Project Admin when their review is complete. The Project Admin will then have the opportunity to review the markups, open an issue for any markups, or close markups that have been resolved.


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#4: For Bid Management and Information Sharing

Did you know that you can use BIM 360 Docs for bid management? This workflow takes a little bit more time to setup, but is easy to do and very valuable. Once again, the Project Admin completes the six-step setup:

  • Create a Bid Package folder in the Plans section.
  • Upload drawings to the Plans section.
  • Invite prospective bidders to the Plans folder with “view only” permission.
  • Create a folder in Project Files for the Bid Package with three subfolders: Project Documents for specs and supporting information; Pre-bid RFIs; and Bid Submissions
  • Invite prospective bidders to the Bid Package folder with “upload only” permission; this permission setting will carry down to the subfolders.
  • Set the Project Documents subfolder to “view only” permission.

What other workflows have you created in BIM 360 Docs? Share your recommendations in the comments!

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