3 Things You Need to Successfully Collaborate on Revit Across Multiple Sites

Collaboration is a critical piece for successful teamwork, and when your team needs to collaborate on Revit, there can be unique challenges. Here are three things that can help your team collaborate successfully on Revit, regardless of your location.

Clear Communication and Expectations

Whenever there is a team of people collaborating on a single project from multiple locations, there must be deliberate communication and clear expectations for the project to be completed successfully. When working in the same location, teams benefit from passing communication and quick conversations that are less likely to occur when working remotely. When working on complex projects in Revit, each team member must know what the workflows will be; how files will be created, stored, and linked; when and how updates should be communicated and what information is expected; and have a clear understanding of the project timeline.

Revit Server

If all of your team members are collaborating from different office locations of the same firm, Revit Server can be set up to facilitate collaboration. Multiple users can have simultaneous access to the same files and work together on the project. This feature is included with your Revit licenses; however, it does require an IT investment.

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If you need off-site access or to include outside contributors to your team, the following solution would be more suited to your team’s needs.

Collaboration for Revit and BIM 360 Team

This solution from Autodesk allows your team to have access to the same co-authored model from any location. Your team members may all be your colleagues or you many include contributors from other firms as necessary. As a cloud solution, access is easy and not limited to multiple offices of the same firm. Collaboration for Revit allows you to communicate about a project with the built-in chat tool, Communicator for Revit, to enhance real-time conversation about the project at hand.

How does your team collaborate and what challenges do you face? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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