What’s New and Exciting: AutoCAD 2025


We are excited to introduce you to all the new features and updates of AutoCAD 2025!

In this latest release, you’ll find an optimized 2D and 3D design experience with features that unlock insights and automation with the help of Autodesk AI. Improve content reuse with Smart Blocks, consolidate reviews with Markup Import and Markup Assist, add clarity with updated Hatch commands, and new Activity Insights to stay informed.

In this version, you can tailor AutoCAD with specialized toolsets, geographical information with Esri’s ArcGIS® Basemaps, custom workflows with AutoLISP routines and third-party app, all while managing data across projects with Autodesk Docs. And work the way you want with one AutoCAD experience on desktop, web, and mobile—to capture, share, and review ideas on the go.

About the Presenter

KaDe is a Technical Specialist and the Training Manager at U.S. CAD.  Prior to becoming an Authorized Instructor, she worked for five years in the natural gas industry as a mapping technician. She also worked in the AEC industry for two years. KaDe has been using Autodesk products since 1987 and has been providing training since 1993. As a Technical Specialist and the Training Manager, she provides training for all levels of AutoCAD, Map 3D, and Civil 3D; technical support; onsite consulting (implementation & CAD management service); and management of U.S. CAD’s training services.