Own Your Data: A Guide for Owners Who Want a Better Handover


Projects require expertise, skill, and knowledge to plan, execute and deliver properly. While the building process often takes years to complete, the handover occurs relatively instantly. Building owners and their facilities teams are often left spending decades sifting through binders, USBs, and other delivered formats to ensure its continual operation. As a result, new projects, improvements, and updates are more complex than ever before – not unlike an archaeological excavation in uncovering what, when, and how events previously occurred.

And when a crisis hits, inadequate record-keeping creates a real risk to the building performance and even life safety for occupants. Even with a high-quality record or as-built CAD drawings, how can owners know they have the data they need?

A shaky standard can drive massive losses for building owners. Handing over data ownership at handover doesn’t need to mean handing over your rights – but it can lead to more competitive and compelling project delivery.

Join our webinar, Own Your Data: A Guide for Owners Who Want a Better Handover, on Wednesday, July 28 at 12:00 p.m. PT as we take you through what data ownership really means and how building owners – owning the data – can mark big wins for all involved.