Model vs. Mesh: Using 3D Mesh Models to Accelerate Real-Time Decisions


The challenge facing many general contractors and building owners in the construction industry is how to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget, with minimum reworks. Reality capture technology captures and documents the as-built environment accurately at any time throughout a construction project, reducing time on site improving productivity, accuracy, quality, and safety.

The challenge comes when companies want to work with the point cloud data that comes from scanning a job site, as files tend to be extremely large causing processes to run slowly, if at all, and can be difficult for non-experts to interpret.

This is where the mesh comes in. In this recorded webinar join, U.S. CAD and our partner, PointFuse, to see how by converting the data set into segmented 3D mesh models in PointFuse, users can quickly classify the mesh using simple and intuitive tools. This lightweight and interactive model format ensures more efficient and effective workflows for the full team to collaborate on.