Introducing Streamlined Documentation with Be.Smart for Autodesk® Revit®


Watch this on-demand video to learn how to generate documents and drawings for Autodesk® Revit® using Smart Documentation. Our experts introduce Smart Documentation, a flexible, configure-based BIM Software within the Be.Smart portfolio. Designed to simplify and automate the creation of accurate documentation from Revit® models, this time-saving add-on is your gateway to increasing documentation efficiency, enhancing modeling capabilities, and standardizing workflows. Smart Documentation enables users to focus on high-value modeling tasks by reducing the need for meticulous documentation of individual elements. Complete documentation 2x faster by automating tasks and reusing configurations. Even the most highly complex projects can be completed swiftly and accurately with this Be.Smart tool.

Learning Objectives

  • Automate the 2D processes with Smart Views, Sheets, and Assemblies
  • Optimize precision and productivity with Smart Dimensions, Tags, and Numbering
  • Organize and re-organize your modeled elements with Smart Legends and Data without manual data entry
  • Cultivate collaboration and establish quality control within project teams using Smart Images and QR codes
  • Seamlessly integrate Excel Sheets into Revit®, maintaining synchronization for enhanced workflow efficiency