Infrastructure Tuesday: Grading Optimization in Civil 3D 2022


In this session, we will be discussing the Autodesk Grading Optimization extension, an interactive site grading tool included in the AEC Collection. The Grading Optimization interface allows the user to grade a site complete with building pad, curb, ponding, drainage, and more. By creating zones for the grading features and adjusting the available parameters, the Grading Optimization creates a grading solution using those features. After earthwork quantities have been reviewed, grading parameters can be quickly adjusted, and the grading solution once again optimized. Once the optimization is complete, the grading solution can be added into Civil 3D as a typical surface.

Viewers will learn:

• What is Grading Optimization?
• How does it work?
• What is the workflow
• Review and edit the resulting grading data.
• Create a Civil 3D surface using grading solution.

Data set and presentation content excerpted from Creg Dieziger’s class, CES500056 The Handy Man’s Guide To: Grading Optimization in Your Civil 3D Toolbox, delivered at Autodesk University 2021.