Autodesk Build for Better Construction Project Management


Managing construction projects is complex, often involving dozens of teams, hundreds of changes, and thousands of hours. Without the right connected tools to manage this complexity, projects and their outcomes are left to chance. Instead of managing a project, it becomes an exercise in putting out fires and diverting attention to high-priority items, leaving minor issues to risk metastasizing into big problems.

Meet Autodesk Build – a platform that combines project, quality, safety management, and cost control in one place to connect the office to the field to help overcome potential challenges that impact projects and the bottom line.

This webinar will highlight:

• Keeping projects on track by improved collaboration
• How to assign safety issues and standardize safety plans to reduce incidents.
• Tracking all issues in one place and resolve them earlier to decrease rework and defects
• Understanding root causes and scope cost impacts by connecting project management and field execution data to cost activities