Autodesk InfoDrainage: The Best of Drainage Design


Drainage design is often a very repetitive and iterative process. It can also become complex quickly when multiple stormwater control measures (SCMs) are connected and affect the performance of each other. This webinar will focus on Autodesk’s InfoDrainage platform and how it can be effectively used to develop an efficient design to limit the amount of land area used for SCMs.

We’ll also show how easy it can be to establish a comprehensive hydrology and hydraulics model for drainage design, limit the number of iterations needed, and reduce the number of revision cycles. We’ll briefly examine the integration between InfoDrainage and another Autodesk platform, InfoWorks ICM, to show how the two can work together to provide an end-to-end solution for a municipality’s stormwater modeling needs.

Viewers will learn:
• Learn how you can reduce the number of iterations and review cycles of drainage design
• Gain a better understanding of what the results mean and how different components of a drainage system interact with each other
• Develop more efficient drainage designs with distributed green infrastructure in a fully dynamic modeling environment
• See the overall effects of a proposed drainage design by easily incorporating it into a watershed masterplan model