U.S. CAD Launches Construction Cosmos, a New Online Resource Aimed at Helping Construction Professionals Leverage Technology by Addressing Key Issues

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U.S. CAD, a leading AEC technology and consulting firm, and Autodesk Construction Specialized Partner, today announced it has launched a new online resource, Construction Cosmos, aimed at helping construction organizations leverage technology by addressing issues that affect workflows, project teams, and data.

“Keeping up with technological innovations and best practices while a value-add can be a time-consuming burden, especially in today’s fast-paced construction landscape. As a trusted technology partner to the construction industry, U.S. CAD aims to ease the burden felt by construction professionals to keep up and stay informed. Construction Cosmos will be a place of actionable and trusted insights through thought leadership that will help provide guidance to industry professionals in our ever-changing environment.”

Nicholas Krey, Director, Construction Business Unit, U.S. CAD  

News Facts:

  • Construction Cosmos will empower construction professionals with practical information and new ideas to help them accelerate the use of technology in their operations by sharing knowledge, advice, and commentary through helpful and insightful webinars, blogs, articles, and newsletters.
  • Topics will include Lean Construction, constructability, Building Information Modeling (BIM), sustainability, project lifecycle, prefabrication, reality capture, risk management, upskilling talent, data security, technology innovation and trends, economic conditions, and other complementary subjects.
  • The resource is ideal for building construction stakeholders such as contractors, specialty contractors, owner-operators, company owners, designers, engineers, and project management, virtual design, and estimating resources.
  • U.S. CAD contributors and guest-contributors, including construction industry thought leaders, influencers, and professionals will offer expert advice, best practices, and perspectives on key issues, industry trends, and research to leverage technology for better ways to design and build.
  • With the rapid influx of construction technological innovations, Construction Cosmos will serve as a valued resource for construction professionals for expert insights, ideas, and best practices helping them devise technology strategies that work best for their projects and operations.
  • According to research, construction companies historically have been less apt to leverage technology for various reasons including, the financial commitment under tight margins, the aging workforce’s reluctance to embrace technology, and most recently, the disruption caused by COVID-19 on the industry overall. However, new signs and data indicate construction companies are now taking major steps to invest in and leverage modern construction technology to improve collaboration, productivity, safety, and the bottom line.
  • Construction professionals can subscribe to the Construction Cosmos newsletter and visit the site immediately.

“I am truly excited to be part of Construction Cosmos at U.S. CAD – an essential construction resource to finally shine a spotlight on the new era of construction during this time of unprecedented innovation and surge of new technologies. Construction Cosmos is rooted in a passion that I have to help individuals, teams, and businesses understand and adopt technology to thrive.”  

Aaron Wagner, Director of Autodesk Construction, U.S. CAD

Read full press release here.

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