U.S. CAD, An ARKANCE Company, Celebrates 25th Anniversary


April 30, 2024, IRVINE, California – U.S. CAD, An ARKANCE Company, a leading provider of technology and services to the architecture, engineering, construction, and owner-operator (AECO) industry, is proud to celebrate 25 years of pioneering innovation, providing the industry with cutting-edge technology and value-added services that have enabled countless customer firms, projects in the built world, and the company’s own culture to grow and thrive.

Founded in 1999 by Daniel Counts, the current CEO and EVP of ARKANCE Americas, U.S. CAD, An ARKANCE Company, has been at the forefront of offering training and consulting services for Autodesk products for over two decades and eventually became the largest Autodesk Partner in the Western USA. It has now established itself as the leading provider of a wide range of AECO technology and professional services across the United States, with a strong reputation for leadership and innovation in its markets. Notably, it has achieved Platinum Partner status with both Autodesk and Bluebeam, a testament to its expertise and commitment to excellence.

“Two and a half decades ago, when I began this journey of founding our company, the magnitude of our impact on the industry, the remarkable leaders who’ve guided us, and the incredible growth and significance our team has achieved were far beyond my imagination.” Yet, as we embraced a shared ethos, anchored by values and cultural principles, our company transformed into a leader for positive change in our industry, touching the lives of our employees, customers, and partners alike,” said Daniel Counts, CEO, U.S. CAD, and EVP, ARKANCE Americas.  

Over the last two and a half decades, U.S. CAD, An ARKANCE Company, has achieved numerous milestones that have enabled the advancement of digitalization, the improvement and innovation of the built world, increased accessibility of AECO technology and services to firms and industry professionals to achieve the best project and business outcomes, and achieving a renowned people-centered culture with core values where employees and customers feel valued and belong. Highlights include a long history of introducing cutting-edge products into its markets in response to customers’ needs and industry trends and demands; joining with companies with unique products and services to enhance customer value and expand geographic reach with local experts; and receiving numerous awards and recognition from the company’s technology partners, such as Autodesk and Bluebeam, which demonstrate its excellent AECO industry domain knowledge and best-in-class customer service and support capabilities. The milestones and accomplishments attained demonstrate the company’s commitment to its customer and partner ecosystem, as well as its innovation and focus on excellence.

As the company celebrates its 25th anniversary, U.S. CAD, An ARKANCE Company, remains focused on the future, embracing being part of ARKANCE to further extend its leadership in AECO technology and services, both locally and globally, to provide exceptional value to its customers, partners, and stakeholders.

About U.S. CAD, An ARKANCE Company

U.S. CAD, An ARKANCE Company, is a leading provider of AECO technology, value-added services, and an Autodesk and Bluebeam Platinum Partner, helping organizations of all sizes leverage digitalization to win more work for their businesses, deliver better project outcomes, and improve sustainability. Acquired in June 2023 by ARKANCE, a leading global digitalization partner for the AECO and manufacturing industries and developer of the Be.Smart software portfolio, U.S. CAD aims to empower customers across North America with innovative technology and services to build a better world. To learn more, visit U.S. CAD.com or ARKANCE.net.

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