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5 Major Updates to AutoCAD 2018 That Can Help You Be More Productive

AutoCAD 2018 was officially released on March 21st, 2017, offering several new enhancements, features, and time-savers for the AutoCAD community. With their combined 64 years of experience using AutoCAD, David and KaDe covered 5 major topics: Tech and Performance, UI, PDF Import, Text to MTEXT, and Xrefs updates. Here’s...
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How to Bridge Gaps in Your Architectural Designs with FormIt 360, from CADLearning’s David Cohn

Many architectural designers face the issue of bridging the gaps between preliminary design, design development and construction documentation in Revit. Users needed a tool to seamlessly move their designs in and out of Revit throughout their design process. With FormIt, you can start producing your 3D model designs on...