Discovery Process Overview

VinZero U.S. CAD’s complimentary Discovery Process is a proven 4-step process that can help your firm achieve the most desirable business outcomes to win more work, increase efficiencies, and optimize revenue.

In today’s competitive and evolving AEC landscape, the solutions and workflows your team uses must advance business and project goals. By understanding your current technology and workflows, gaps and pain points, and plans, we will recommend the right solutions and workflows to guide your firm.

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Discovery Workbook

Discovery Workbook

To kick off the Discovery, you will receive a workbook prompting you to think about and
document your current solutions and the workflows involved in your daily tasks. This
information provides us background and details to assess your current situation and
develop recommendations for improvement.

Discovery Workshop

Discovery Workshop

After the completion of your Discovery Workbook, one of our experts will lead a 2–4-hour interactive discussion and workshop with key staff on your team to discuss existing processes, current solutions, pain points, and goals.

Discovery Write-Up

Discovery Write-Up

After the Discovery Workshop, our team will deliver a Discovery Write-Up documenting the existing processes, solutions used, as well as recommendations and suggestions to enhance your technology program and workflow processes – to support your business now and into the future.


Findings & Recommendations Presentation

In the final step, our team will provide a 1–2-hour presentation that provides your stakeholders an overview of key observations and recommendations. This presentation summarizes the items included in the VinZero U.S. CAD Discovery Write-Up and allows for additional context and dialogue regarding specific recommendations and includes suggestions for the next steps.

Discovery Workshop Overview

Part of the 4-step Discovery Process, the Discovery Workshop (Step 2) is a 2-4-hour interactive discussion led by VinZero U.S. CAD to understand existing processes, current solutions and workflows, pain points, and goals to identify areas of opportunities and provide recommendations for improvements.

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