Real-time Visualization


Real-time visualization of architectural projects is at your fingertips with Twinmotion!

Twinmotion allows users the opportunity to be totally immersed in their project, to move dynamically and interactively, and to generate digital models instantly.

Compatible with every 3D drawing software on the market, the Twinmotion technology can be used at virtually any place in the project work cycle:

  • AT THE BEGINNING as your team is sketching
  • IN THE MIDDLE during a project review
  • AT THE END for image creation or final videos

While any design or building professional can benefit from Twinmotion’s visualization tools, this solution is especially a good fit for those who:

  • Require immediate project display without any calculation time or wait
  • Need a tool that works effortlessly with their current 3D drawing technology
  • Want to render realistic and complete ecosystems for videos and presentations

Start Visualizing and Experiencing Your Models in Real-Time

Twinmotion’s interface includes chronological tabs that allow you to progress step-by-step in the construction of the scene.

  • Import various model types, such as FBX, DWG, DAE, SKP, C4D, and LI3, or images (DDS, PNG, PSD, JPB, TGA) and videos (MP4, AVI, OGV, WMV, FLV, MOV, DIVX, MPG, MPEG).
  • The Environment of your project is completely customizable through an intuitive slider system, and all your changes are visible in real time in the preview window.
  • Numerous Libraries offer choices for Materials, Light, and Objects. Whether you want to apply relief effects or illuminate a scene, the options are available via the Library.
  • Choose your Landscape and terrain, and trim surfaces with functions that push and pull the ground into different shapes and sizes.
  • Create Vegetation quickly and easily with a “brush” tool that adjusts for tree species, their sizes, and densities.
  • Circulation options allow you to define the path of your characters and vehicles with just a few clicks.
  • Visual Effects help you change the color of your scene, choose a focal, and create vignettes.
  • With the Camera & Clip editor, you can choose the scene of your image or select specific frames for animation.
  • Export your content in an optimal resolution in record time with animations in MP4 and WMV stereo 3D video formats and images in PNG format.