U.S. CAD Cloud Workstation

Provide your employees with anytime, anywhere access to their desktops and applications through a secure, turnkey virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution deployed, managed, and supported for your organization.

Reduce overhead costs &
power consumption

The U.S. Cloud Workstation allows you to utilize pooled resources, save power, and increase efficiency within your teams. Only pay for the processing capability required to fit your project work hours and avoid spending more on resources during off-peak hours.

Scale quickly & adjust on the fly with the U.S. CAD Cloud Workstation

Enable autoscaling and provide users with power and access as needed. Increase or reduce workstations as needed to match business needs as they change with your workflows.

Speed & simplicity

Deployed and managed by U.S. CAD and strategic partner InTWO, your environment will be tailored to your unique specifications. Add users, apply updates, and customize all user settings simultaneously. Leverage GPU hosts for all critical design applications with network speeds up to 3GBPS*.

*subject to datacenter bandwidth capabilities

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Features & benefits

Turnkey VDI solution managed & supported by U.S. CAD and SaaS Plaza

virtualized desktop & applications experience for your employees

Expand connectivity across users and regions – whether remote or any device

Scale easily to meet
business demands

Provides individual customization through personal (persistent) desktops

Schedule utilities to fit
your work schedule

Manage your environment centrally with an integrated Active Directory Domain Controller or connect to your existing domain in Microsoft Azure.

Control Pooled resources and
multi-session WVD hosts

The most advanced turnkey virtual desktop built for AEC professionals to design & build anywhere, anytime.

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