If your team is responsible for BIM coordination, QA/QC, field validation, or clash detection, advances in the technical capabilities of augmented and mixed reality VisuaLive hardware can transform the way they perform these tasks.

View design &
interact in mixed
& augment reality

Visualize & interact with designs live in 3D from applications such as Autodesk Revit & Navisworks before & during construction


VisuaLive creates self-contained, holographic computers with multiple sensors, advanced optics & a custom holographic processing unit, enables you to engage with digital content & interact with holograms in the world around you

Features & benefits

Easily push design models
to mobile devices


Revit & Navisworks
plugins included

Integrate with
Autodesk BIM 360

Share BIM files to other
users remotely for

Sync models with
mobile/tablet for offline
access in the field

View 3D models in
construction with finished
textures and materials

Markeup tools, label tools,
& communication tools

Place 3D live design models
at scale on site coordinates

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Unleash mixed reality and gain a competitive advantage.

Augmented reality
for live visualizations