Together with Egnyte, we are delivering advanced solutions for the AEC industry, focusing on enhancing business operations and providing a centralized, secure platform for the entire organization in the office and on the job site.

Securely access and collaborate on project files to streamline your workflow and boost productivity.

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Features & Benefits

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Unify Documents

Integrate Egnyte with leading platforms like Autodesk to enhance visibility and streamline collaboration effortlessly.

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Project Folder Control

Accelerate project setup and closeout with templates. Easily classify and organize documents, track activity, and automate archiving and permissions.

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Prevent unauthorized data access, reduce costs from data breaches, and boost client confidence with robust sharing controls and content safeguards.

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large file access

Access data from anywhere, easily search and preview large file formats, preload large files in low-bandwidth areas, and transfer data instantly to Egnyte from project sites.

Uniting your team. Once and for all.


Maintaining access to the latest information while ensuring data security is crucial for architectural firms. Egnyte's cloud-based collaboration and secure data sharing foster innovation, protect intellectual property, and enhance overall efficiency. Architects can effortlessly share large files, such as point clouds, and control access to sensitive data.


Handling complex information while ensuring data security and compliance is essential for engineering firms. Egnyte provides centralized data management, stringent security measures, and real-time collaboration tools that streamline workflows and boost productivity. Engineers benefit from robust version control and advanced security features.


Managing large volumes of information and ensuring timely updates can be challenging. Egnyte offers a centralized, secure platform for data management and collaboration, reducing delays, cutting costs, and minimizing errors. It also enables easy tracking of file downloads and the seamless sharing of large files.


Managing vast amounts of data with a focus on security and compliance is critical for government agencies. Egnyte delivers a secure, compliant platform for data management, enhancing collaboration, transparency, and operational efficiency. The platform meets strict standards such as FedRAMP, HIPAA, and GDPR, and incorporates advanced technologies like AES-256 encryption and granular access controls.

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