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Inspections, scans, and survey are performed every day in the construction, utility, and telecom industries. However, businesses often struggle to efficiently and safely capture and analyze the insights they need. Current methods are often costly and time-confusing, fragmented and incomplete, or dangerous to employees. That’s why U.S. CAD is proud to partner with 3D Robotics to offer Site Scan™, an aerial analytics platform that lets you survey, scan, and inspect your work site.

Designed from the ground up for field professionals, Site Scan is intuitive, powerful, and integrates with design solutions such as Autodesk ReCap, Autodesk 360™, Autodesk Revit™, Autodesk BIM360™, and Autodesk Civil3D™. Site Scan includes the Solo drone, Sony tablet with app, and unlimited access to the 3D Robotics cloud.

Build On-Demand Maps of Your Job Site

Simply outline the area you want to survey with your fingertip and Solo automatically executes the flight, capturing the images you need to create 2D maps and DEMs. Images are automatically processed to create orthorectified, georeferenced mosaics.

Generate 3D Models of Your Project

Solo lifts off and circles your site or object of interest, capturing all the imagery that Autodesk ReCap needs to generated a photorealistic georeferenced 3D model. Processed imagery is available immediately and is securely saved to your cloud account.

Easily Perform Asset and Site Inspections

Safely and easily inspect elevated objects like rooftops, towers, and power lines. Images are automatically paired with rich metadata. Operators control the vehicle with intuitive “tap-to-fly” gestures, allowing any field service technician access to the sky.


Help your operations cut costs, mitigate risk, and make better-informed decisions

Site Scan accelerates labor-intensive processes by condensing them into minutes. Since all aerial data is georeferenced, 2D and 3D models are built in context within their surroundings. This process is much faster than ground-based inspection and does not disrupt daily operations. Site Scan is consistently cheaper and more accurate than manned flight or satellite imagery.

3DR Drone for Construction
3DR Drone for Utilities

Utilities and Telecom

Automatically geotag and timestamp aerial images for safe and compliant inspections

The Solo drone allows you to quickly assess equipment and infrastructure conditions in areas that are difficult to reach. Images are automatically geotagged and saved in the 3D Robotics cloud so that jobs can be easily managed and shared. Keep your field inspectors safe on the ground while inspecting high structures, and cut costs with fast and frequent inspections.

Surveying and Mapping

Create high-resolution maps for monitoring sites, overseeing forestalled changes, or measuring stockpiles

All data is processed in Autodesk ReCap, which creates orthorectified, georeferenced mosaics. The Site Scan app automatically imports aerial data into your favorite tools: Autodesk ReCap, Autodesk 360™, Autodesk Revit™, Autodesk BIM360™, and Autodesk Civil3D™. Site Scan is superior to traditional means of creating survey sand maps because work can continue as surveys are executed.

3DR Drone for Surveying
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