Cloud storage made seamless

Panzura Cloud Solution

Panzura is very focused on use cases that involve sharing data across distances. Our real-time file locking capability is unique and gives us the ability to enable many offices to address a common file system and a single cloud storage bucket. Unlike many other solutions on the market, Panzura creates a geographically distributed file system where all the cloud controllers know what is happening in the other controllers.

The combination of Panzura and the cloud is more secure than most, if not all, on-premise solutions.

When data is placed in a Panzura apliance, it is immediately de-duplicated, compressed, and encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption. Panzura is also FIPS 140-2 certified.

Architecture, engineering, and construction firms struggle with cross-site collaboration of teams using applications like Revit, AutoCAD and Civil 3D. Having a Global File System with file locking solves this issue by eliminating BIM file system operations over the WAN. That’s why U.S. CAD has partnered with Panzura to offer an enterprise-class data storage service.

The Panzura Global Cloud Storage System—consisting of the Panzura Software, the Panzura Global File System, and the Panzura Controller—provides enterprise-class data storage services including consolidation, archiving, heightened access, security, and a highly improved global user experience. The system provides the centralized storage needed to reduce local provisioning and management. And this solution (plus cloud) provides more than just standard benefits. It provides a Global File System with a common view of all files across all locations, at all times, accessible from anywhere.

As an architecture, engineering, and construction company, are you sharing files in a time-effective manner? Are you optimizing available data? Are you having data latency issues? How secure and accessible is your data? Learn what other business challenges Panzura can help you solve.

How It Works

Panzura is a file system solution that combines physical appliances or virtual machines at each office location with centralized cloud storage that integrates with Autodesk and requires no change in your workflows or a need to train  users.

If you are experiencing these business challenges, then Panzura can help:

  • Storage system limitations hinder collaboration between offices
  • Islands of data storage create complexity for users and make the right data hard to find and use
  • Storage growth drives capital expenditure budgets without driving business value
  • Technical applications like CAD are slow for remote users
  • Expense of a true DR solution is prohibitive
  • VDI is too inflexible, expense, and slow for remote locations

Key features of the solution include:

  • The Panzura global file system combines with Object Storage to provide worldwide access to shared files
  • Global file locking prevents data corruption when multiple users attempt to update the same file.
  • Creates a complete infrastructure with on-premise SSD-based applications and cloud-based virtual machines that allow data to be moved to the cloud for computing, storage, and backup/DR.
  • Panzura combines the capabilities of LAN attached NAS appliances with scalability, performance, and a low cost of cloud storage.
  • Helps shift from capital expenditures growth to a flexible operational expenditure model for storage


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