MTWO Go Live in 48Hrs

MTWO Go Live in 48Hrs

MTWO is purpose-built for the building, construction, and infrastructure industry delivering a complete construction project management cloud platform for contractors, developers, and owner-operators. From the initial concept to completion, MTWO is a one-cloud platform for the whole project loop.

Experience an innovative implementation methodology that shortens the MTWO deployment process to 48 hours for up to 100 users.

Faster deployment

Ready-to-use solution

Scalability and flexibility

MTWO Accelerate Digital

Accelerate digital transformation with our ready-to-use solution

Our expert team will set up your MTWO solution with preconfigured processes and data to suit your construction business. Once deployed, you can take advantage of pre-configured best practice standards, workflows, templates, and integration with mainstream solutions.
These proven resources will allow you to accelerate the MTWO implementation across every phase of your projects, the include:

MTWO Scalable

Scalable for the future configuration and integration

Once your MTWO solution is live and deriving its value, the scalability and openness of the solution allows you to further configure the platform and integrate it with other systems as your business grows.

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