MSUITE was created to fill a void in the fabrication and mechanical contracting industries by connecting departments from BIM to FAB to FIELD with an easy-to-use, portable, and industry-focused software that could provide real-time status updates, valuable tracking and estimating information, all for a reasonable price.

MSUITE is devoted to continually providing their clients the highest quality, most efficient, and most flexible construction management systems around. It was that same commitment that spurred us to bring FABPro, our first MSUITE Product, out of one fabrication facility and into many fabrication facilities, both large and small, across the United States.

MSUITE Software Solutions


  • BIMPro

    BIMPro is a cloud-based plug-in solution for Autodesk Revit® that automates the spooling process making it up to 90 times faster than manual methods. The solution features automated spooling, mapping, sheet creation, and seamless integration to FABPro to help track productivity, progress, resources, and to collaborate more effectively and efficiently.

  • FABPro

    FABPro is a cloud-based fabrication shop management solution that focuses on granular real-time tracking of the entire fabrication process – from model import to assembly – helping to ensure job accuracy, maximum resource productivity, and greater visibility across project stakeholders. The application includes key features such as integration with leading CAD/BIM software, cutting optimization solutions, and BIMPro, automated spooling software, as well as mobile access for shop, field, and office personnel, configurable workflows, automated reporting, live online PDF annotation, and time-tracking.

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