HoloLive for HoloLens

Augmented & Mixed Reality for Live Visualizations

Whether your team is responsible for BIM coordination, QA/QC, field validation, clash detection, or all of the above, advances in the technical capabilities of augmented and mixed reality hardware are changing the way these tasks are performed.

HoloLive is an application for the Microsoft HoloLens developed by VisuaLive3D that allows you to visualize and interact with your models from applications like Revit and Navisworks at scale before and during construction. With HoloLive, you can:

  • Push your models to HoloLens with a few clicks
  • Use site survey points or a scan marker to position model precisely
  • Visualize your model in true 1:1 scale
  • Sync your models with HoloLens for offline access in the field
  • View your models with finished textures and materials

What are augmented and mixed reality?

Augmented reality is technology that digitally overlays information over a person’s view of the real world.

Mixed reality anchors digital information to the real world allowing you to interact with digital objects in a physical space.

Ready to get started?

What can you do with HoloLive?


When you push designs from applications like Revit and Navisworks onto the Microsoft HoloLens with HoloLive, you can interact with your models in brand new ways.

  • Review clashes, or congested areas of a project, in a 1:1 scale
  • Review projects in the office by reducing the size of the project and placing the model on top of a conference table, for example, for review
  • Verify the placement of installed components as compared to the model to confirm proper installation on-site
  • Look at preliminary design options of an entire project, either in the office or at the project location
  • Use VisuaLive3D Toolkit features to measure spaces, scale objects, and more
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