FABPro Data Clarity

FABPro is designed to leverage automatic productivity tracking to understand status and cost data better


Tracking productivity has long been a manual, labor-intensive process relying heavily on spreadsheets and paper-based shop tracking information. Since the inception of off-site fabrication, industry professionals long-sought key data, including the length of time to fabricate, the cost, and whether it makes sense to fabricate given the schedule, budget, and constructability. Utilizing manual, labor-intensive paper-based processes can compromise accurate fabrication production and tracking.

FABPro is a cloud-based fabrication shop management solution that focuses on granular real-time tracking of the entire fabrication process – from model import to assembly – helping to ensure job accuracy, maximum resource productivity, and greater visibility across project stakeholders.

  • Cloud-based solution
    Anywhere, anytime mobile access from the shop, field, and office.
  • Integration
    Integration with CAD, cutting optimization solutions, and BIMPro, automated spooling software
  • Digital drawings
    Manage digital drawings to quickly zoom in and out and confirm the correct version is on the shop floor
  • Live online PDF annotation
    Keep and share PDF markups capturing the most up-to-date drawing versions
  • Drawing approval
    Track drawings accuracy, material procurement status, and fabrication readiness
  • Simple shop functions
    Utilize shop functionality such as easy-to-use buttons like start, pause, and complete
  • Configurable workflows
    Ability to customize workflows and data allowing for accurate reporting and a solution tailored to your company’s needs
  • Priorities
    Package and spools can be assigned a priority level to distinguish items on hold from rush orders instantly
  • User management and permissions
    Set users as inactive, add new users or delete users at any time
    Control what users can do or see by tier level or a specific user
  • Table views
    Utilize sortable, filterable tables allowing for unique data flexibility and customization
  • Time-tracking
    Provides accurate shift tracking and logging of daily time for improved staffing, resourcing, and productivity
  • Productivity tracking at the user-level
    Provide individual logins to track productivity metrics
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