Digitize Reality Capture with Pointfuse


Digitize Reality Capture
with Pointfuse

and put the ‘as-built’ into BIM

Pointfuse features

Selectable and Separable Objects

  • Select
  • Merge
  • Classify
  • Export

Cloud-Based Processing

  • High-Speed Processing
  • Cloud-based Solutions


  • Simple user interface
  • One button, one process
  • Diverse compatibility


  • Set project tolerances
  • Measure representational accuracy
  • Visual representations

Small File Sizes

  • Huge compression capacity
  • Seamless integrations
  • VR & AR ready

Importing and Exporting

Import into rcp, rcs, cl3, clr, dp, e57, fls, las, laz, vpc, zfs, pts, ptx, xyz
Export to dae, dxf, fbx, ifc, nwc, obj, skp, stl, x3d

Pointfuse saves you and your team time, money and painstaking effort, whatever your current laser scanning or 3D modeling software solution.

Optimized for…

veesus Arena 4D                    Unity Technologies                     Tekla                    Trimble Connect .                           Sketchup                    Rhinocerus                        Dot Product .                           Faro                              Cinema 4D               Bentley              Autodesk Revit                    BIM 360                                                                                                   Navisworks          Leica Geosystems

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