BIM for Construction

Achieve Better Coordination, Communication, and Collaboration

The design and building process in the construction industry has historically resembled a linear workflow, with each participant passing their portion of the project down the line with minimal coordination. This lack of communication often leads to problems and conflicts much later in the design and building process, which is also when it is much costlier to fix.

BIM for Construction addresses these challenges with coordination, communication, and collaboration with all project participants. U.S. CAD is an Autodesk Construction-specialized partner, offering project consulting, delivery, and technologies to help construction teams.

Discover the variety of services we offer to help your team implement BIM for Construction.

Why BIM for Construction?

With BIM for Construction, you gain:

  • Better project efficiency
  • Coupled systems that work together rather than in isolation
  • Reduction in costly changes later down the road

Consulting and Project Delivery

U.S. CAD can help you mitigate risk, create project efficiencies, and improve project quality through all phases of the construction project. When you partner with us, you gain qualified BIM experts who can help your team deliver on-time and on-budget at a competitive rate.

VDC Assistance

  • BIM production: AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D
  • BIM coordination: Navisworks, BIM 360 Glue, InfraWorks

Data Capture

  • Laser scanning
  • Scan to BIM services
  • Conformance verifications and as-builts

Field Execution

  • Document/model management
  • Punch lists
  • Inspections
  • Lean planning
  • Model-based commissioning

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Production and Team Augmentation

Our highly trained staff can help you meet the most demanding project standards and timelines. Want to sub out document creation to focus on landing new work? We can help you. Have a subcontractor who’s not yet on BIM, but need a model for clash detection? We can create it. Need as-built BIM models of your building or campus for facilities management, but just don’t have the time? Let our experts do it. The client just moved the project deadline and you need help fast? We’re here for you.

Services for General Contractors


  • BIM implementation
  • BIM training
  • BIM technical support


  • Model creation (for any trade)
  • Project setup
  • BIM project execution plans
  • Custom tools development for AutoCAD and Revit


  • Construction sequencing
  • Pursuit modeling and bid support
  • Short movies, trailers, presentations
  • Virtual tours: walk-through, fly-through
  • Virtual reality content for Oculus Rift, Samsung VR, and others


  • Model maintenance and federation
  • Clash detection
  • Coordination Services
  • As-built model updating
  • Laser scanning and surveying
  • Point cloud to Revit conversion
  • 2D to 3D BIM conversion
  • 4D scheduling
  • 5D quantities and estimating
  • Existing facility documentation
  • BIM for facilities management

Services for Subcontractors


  • BIM implementation
  • BIM training
  • BIM technical support


  • Model creation for any trade
  • Content creation, such as Revit families
  • Project setup
  • Custom tools development for AutoCAD and Revit


  • Clash detection and coordination services
  • Installation drawings
  • Shop models and drawings
  • Spool drawings
  • Sleeve drawings
  • Total station digital layout
  • As-built model updating
  • Laser scanning and surveying
  • Point cloud to Revit conversion
  • 2D to 3D BIM conversion

Construction News and Resources

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WATCH: Improving Collaboration Along the Entire Project Lifecycle

For the last 10-15 years, the construction industry has focused on managing the detail within the planning and coordination phases. We are missing the opportunity to better manage the data as it matures and grows into the execution and commissioning phase–at the actual point of work. This 5-part video series explores the different solutions available to help you improve collaboration from preconstruction all the way to operations and maintenance.
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