BIM Consulting

U.S. CAD is proud to have earned the Autodesk Consulting Specialization which highlights U.S. CAD’s advanced consulting expertise to implement and deliver Autodesk solutions. Our Consulting Specialization assures you of U.S. CAD’s experience delivering complete Autodesk solutions and that U.S. CAD has the technical specialists, methodologies, tools and skills to manage even the most complex implementations.

  • BIM implementation
  • BIM project execution plans
  • Template creation
  • Content creation
  • Project setup
  • Maintenance of BIM models
  • BIM training


Not sure which service is right for you? Have a specific budget in mind? Let our experts walk you through your options!

Project workflow consulting looks at how your projects are delivered. From the first opportunity you have to bid on a project, through to your final billing and project closeout. We analyze what information you receive, what information you create, and what information you deliver at each stage of your project lifecycle to each of the project participants and stakeholders. We help you look for opportunities to become more efficient in your workflow by taking full advantage of the technical tools you have available and help you create a roadmap of product implementation and adoption to streamline your overall project delivery.

Product workflow consulting maps your project delivery workflow to the specific products used at each phase of your project delivery. We help you develop standards and best practices to efficiently move the digital data you receive and create between the various products used. We look to eliminate current data inefficiencies allowing you to reuse data and add value to the information created in each product instead of recreating information as data moves from one product to the next.

Projects are seldom created in a vacuum and collaboration workflow consulting looks at how your organization shares project information internally between departments and offices as well as outside consultants and project stakeholders. We look for ways to streamline your collaboration processes helping you share and access information more efficiently both internally and in the field.

BIM Production

Did you know that U.S. CAD maintains a highly trained BIM production staff to help you meet your most demanding project standards and timelines? Think of our ‘guns for hire’ as a virtual extension to your BIM staff.

Want to sub out document creation to focus on landing new work? We can help you. Need some templates or families developed, but can’t take staff off of projects to develop them? We do that. Have a sub-contractor who’s not yet on BIM, but need a model for clash detection? We can create it. Need as-built BIM models of your building or campus for facilities management, but just don’t have the time? Let our experts do it. The client just moved the project deadline and you need help fast? We’re here for you.

Whenever short term or long term project help is needed, make our experts a part of your team.

Need More Information?

View U.S. CAD’s BIM production capabilities in the latest technology guide. Within this document, you’ll be able to see project and client examples, as well as in-depth descriptions of our available technologies and services.

  • BIM modeling for architecture, MEP engineering, and structural engineering at all levels (LOD 100 to 500)
  • 2D drawings from a 3D BIM model development
  • 2D drafting for architecture and engineering
  • 4D services, including coordination of the BIM model with scheduling software
  • 5D services, including linking BIM models to scheduling and cost software for visual analyses
  • BIM modeling for subcontractors
  • BIM modeling for energy efficiency analysis
  • BIM modeling for lighting analysis
  • Conversion of laser scans into BIM
  • BIM for facilities management
  • As-built BIM modeling
  • Clash detection and constructability reports
  • Isometric views and spool drawings
  • Work progress simulation
  • Shop drawings for manufacturers
  • Conversion of scans of an existing facility into a 3D BIM model
  • Modular construction modeling
  • Creation of shop drawings
  • Pursuit models for general contractors and subcontractors
  • Visualizations, renderings, and animations

Engineering Firm Embraces BIM Frontiers

JBA Consulting Engineers partnered with U.S. CAD to expand on JBA’s existing BIM technology platforms and processes, with included an assessment of their work processes over the course of a month on a building project.

Reality Capture

Laser scanning and point clouds—these reality capture tools are becoming more and more important and pertinent for building and design teams everywhere. U.S. CAD offers both the hardware, software, and services needed to make reality capture a reality for your team.

Contact Us

This exciting technology comes with many questions; let us help you walk through the options and better understand how to apply these tools to your business.

  • Latest LIDAR (3D laser scanning) hardware and software with Leica Geosytems
  • Generate high-definition digital point clouds
  • Develop as-built BIM models and documentation
  • Photogrammetry
  • Create high-resolution visualizations, renderings, and animations for your sales, marketing, and communications


Life-long learning is important to stay ahead throughout your professional career and professional training and certification is one of the best investments you can make in yourself or your company. U.S. CAD’s variety of training options offers you the flexibility you need to incorporate ongoing professional development into your already busy schedule.

U.S. CAD is proud to be an Autodesk Authorized Training Center and Autodesk Authorized Certification Center.

  • Dedicated Training
  • Custom Training
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