Whitepaper – Utilizing Construction Technology to Cope with Labor Shortages

How BIM 360 Can Help Increase Productivity of Labor Force While Improving Recruitment and Morale

The challenge of finding employees in the United States continues to grow. According to recent statistics, the gap between available jobs and seekers is one the largest in U.S. history – and is forecasted only to grow. Shortages are pervasive the board from skilled to high skilled workers and occur in nearly every industry, including construction.

This whitepaper will provide you with a better understanding on how construction companies are turning to technology to help fill the labor gap. Also, construction companies are utilizing BIM (Building Information Modeling) to help raise the efficiency of their staff both behind the scenes and on the worksite.

Check out the whitepaper now and learn about:

  • The truth about the labor shortage and how it’s affecting your business – and competitive advantage
  • Why not adopting technology is hurting your bottom line and productivity
  • The benefits of construction technology
  • How technology has a positive effect on recruitment and retention

Download the whitepaper today and learn how construction management software can help with the construction industry’s severe labor shortage, provide a significant competitive advantage to your company, and help with recruitment and retention.

Download Whitepaper

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