Kobi Toolkits for Civil 3D


Kobi Toolkit for Civil 3D is a set of essential productivity plug-ins that will make your work in Civil 3D fast and easy. These tools will dramatically reduce the number of tedious tasks and help you focus on your engineering and design challenges.

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What is Kobi Toolkits for Civil 3D?

Kobi Toolkits for Civil 3D is a series of add-on utilities for AutoCAD Civil 3D. The tools extend the capabilities of Civil 3D in key areas. The tools are easy to use. They make working in Civil 3D easier.


Station and Offset

The Station and Offset tool calculates station and offset of selected points according to selected reference alignments. This enables the creation of report tables with station and offset data.

Extract Blocks from Points

This tool helps you extract blocks that mark Civil 3D COGO points.


Surfaces and Grading

Add/Subtract Surface

The Add/Subtract Surface tool calculates a new surface by adding/subtracting elevation values of selected surfaces.


This powerful grading functionality lets you design various spatial entities with different grading criteria allowing you to save the templates. Edit the source geometry and review the results in real-time.

Copy Gradings

The Copy Gradings command lets you copy the existing grading definition with all components to a new reference geometry.

Join Gradings

This command joins two gradings with similar definitions by creating linear transitions between them.

Split Grading

The Split grading command splits grading at the selected point allowing you to edit each new part individually.



Join Alignments

The Join Alignments command will join selected alignments and optionally alignment profiles.

Create Offset Alignments

Select alignment and create multiple offset alignments in a single instance. You can choose from predefined sets of offset alignments or create and save new lane configurations yourself.

Create Alignment from Feature Line

Create Civil 3D alignment from feature line or 3D polyline element. You can also create a Civil 3D profile if your feature line / 3D polyline has assigned elevations.

Polyline to LandXML

With this function, you can save LandXML file directly from polyline, 3D polyline or feature line entity




Create Offset Profile

Civil 3D does not allow you to create an offset on a Civil 3D profile. With Kobi Toolkits for Civil 3D you can create a Civil 3D profile offset polyline by defining offset value or through point.

Label Feature Line in Profile View

With this command you label feature lines that were projected in profile view. The labels will show exact feature line slopes/grades not the projected slopes/grades.

Create Multiple Profiles

This command creates profiles and profile views for multiple alignments. You can select alignments single surface that will be used in all profiles as a reference surface for profile creation.



Corridor Section Editor

Corridor section editor allows you to modify corridors by editing the cross-sections in section views. It also enables linear transitions of parameters between two stations.

Corridor Spreadsheet Editor

Corridor Spreadsheet Editor is a powerful corridor editing tool that allows you to edit corridors in an MS Excel-like editor. It provides possibilities for various kinds of workflows like editing regions, targets, and reconstructing corridors in new drawings.

Label Assemblies

It is handy to label assemblies with their names so you can quickly find the ones you are working on.

Assembly Report

Create an AutoCAD table of a corridor displaying all the different baseline and regions. This report will show each assemblies start and end stations along a corridor.




Pipe Editor

This tool enables you to edit multiple pipes. Use the intuitive user interface to define how pipes should behave and apply changes to the whole pipe set.

Structure Editor

Making changes to the structure and connected pipes is tedious in Civil 3D. This tool enables you to browse through structures with ease and edit the most important pipe and structure parameters.

Structure Report

This tool creates an Excel report of all selected structures and includes all parameters of structures and connected pipes.

Swap Multiple Parts

This tool allows you to swap multiple structures and multiple pipes at the same time.

Level Service Network

This tool allows you to set elevations and grades for all your service lines going into the main without using the structures at connection points.

Create Structures from Points

This tool creates pipe network structures from selected COGO points. Commands can be used to automate a pipe network creation process from existing surveyed data.

Convert Lines to Pipes

This tool converts selected line, polyline, or arc entities to Civil 3D pipe objects. Newly created pipes are automatically connected to the existing structures, which are located at the selected entity start/end point or vertices.

Create Points on Structures

This tool creates COGO points on selected structures, setting rim or sump as point elevation.

Pipe Elevation

Display pipe elevation and depth at any location along a pipe. Optionally a user can insert a structure or COGO point at a specified location along the pipe. This command will allow the insertion of a structure in the profile view.



Check Utility Crossings

This tool calculates crossings between utility segments (gravity and pressure network pipes), inserts COGO points at crossing locations and marks crossing elevation difference.

Pipe Depth Analysis

This tool creates reports of pipe depths. The results are presented in a table or graph.


Navigation and Visibility

Visibility Manager

Manage visibility of all Civil 3D objects on a single panel. Make your working area more transparent by toggling the visibility of features on/off.

Section Navigator

Use this tool to navigate through corridor section views by section navigator panel. Controls allow different ways of browsing through section views. You can also define zoom area to lock navigation to a specific area.

Zoom to commands

Use this tool to perform quick zoom operations by selecting Civil 3D entities. Select profile or section view and zoom to alignment. Select alignment or section view, or sample line and zoom, to profile. Select sample line and zoom to section view.

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