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Roadway Engineering, also known as Highway Engineering and technically considered to be a branch of civil engineering, plays a significant role in the day-to-day lives of the public. Engineers in this space often have full oversight on plan design for development of road construction and more often than not, road reconstruction.

Roadway infrastructure engineers go beyond the build

Much of what needs to be taken into consideration are long term solutions to accommodate for future states of growing communities and technologies the like. Development and improvements to transportation systems includes design, analysis of traffic studies, land surveying, waste management and more.

Whether designing projects to meet modern day standards, rehabbing aging roadways or reconfiguring transportation systems, U.S. CAD helps keep projects moving

Our team of technical experts are available to provide software support needed to remain focused on measures and regulations coming from local governments and municipalities.

“Agencies that are embracing advancements in technologies are realizing benefits such as decreased risk, lower project costs, better quality designs, and quicker delivery.”


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Using out-of-the-box templates and tackling steep learning curves are not cost effective. Our certified technical experts are prepared to guide your project at all levels. All our technical experts are teachers by nature and take care of staying up to date on all software updates, additions & tricks to improve workflows and turnarounds. They have built relationships within the land development industry that help them stay at the leading edge of research.

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