The Case for MSUITE: Fabrication of the Future

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Modular construction projects require a new way of creating and managing the fabrication process but often demand a change in how the fabrication shop is set up. This had business owners searching for the best solution with a company that would collaborate with them to ensure success. Enter MSUITE! The ultimate result of many hours and energy with prefabrication is early project deliveryless on-site labor, and long-term customers.

While some of MSUITE’s benefits are obvious – production time savings during the design phase with BIMPro in Revit – even more advantages are realized after implementation. BIMPro quickly saves time on creating fabrication spool drawings on everything from hanger placement to point reporting. With automatic spool creation, sheet creation, and tagging/dimensioning, the benefits are clear.

For a fabrication shop, the proof is in production. Training, setup, and implementation of the software is an investment of some of your most expensive resources – the ones that make the actual product you sell. When a job requires something new, a shop must be flexible to adapt.

 For this modular project, all trades – including those from other companies – had to work in one shop. Each trade had input in setup. Every module was made in the same order, utilizing the benefits of mass production on a small scale. Each trade had input on the most efficient order of operations. The result? An exceptionally smooth production process in a controlled weather environment.

FABPro is a digital solution that allows workers to have the information at their fingertips which improves production quality and time. Tracking fabrication from start to finish means being able to see what stations in real-time are taking the longest. This information helps you shift personnel to alleviate bottlenecks quickly. Allocating resources appropriately leads to less downtime. 

 By utilizing these solutions, this specific project was able to save the owner over $5 Million and generate $60 Million in revenue by completing the project 2 Months early!

For more details on shop size, linear feet produced, number of workers, and more, please view the Return On Investment sheet below.

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